The Two Movies At Sundance This Year Everyone Will Want To See

Dramatic Competition:

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men (Director and Screenwriter: John Krasinski) - When her boyfriend leaves with little explanation, a doctoral candidate in anthropology tries to remedy her heartache by interviewing men about their behavior. Cast: Julianne Nicholson, John Krasinski, Timothy Hutton, Dominic Cooper, Christopher Meloni, Rashida Jones. World Premiere

Documentary Competition:

The September Issue (Director: R.J. Cutler) - With unprecedented access, director R.J. Cutler and his crew shot for nine months as they captured Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and her team preparing the 2007 Vogue September issue, widely accepted as the “fashion bible” for the year’s trends. World Premiere

Boom. Sundance lineup unloaded via Finke. Let’s see if floppy-haired Brown grad John Krasinski can make the most notable David Foster Wallace adaptation ever into something worth the author’s legacy the year after he passed.

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    I’ve been working with/on this project since I started working for R.J.’s company. It’s awesome to see that people are...
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    Wait, John Krasinski? Jim Halpert?
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    It’s a hell of a DFW project to adapt (I always thought a Paul Thomas Anderson or Spike Jones-directed adaptation of...
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