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  • March 21, 2011 11:04 am

    Foster Kamer Named Senior Editor of 'The New York Observer'


    This is such a perfect fit. Congrats Foster, you’re “home” again.

    This is my blog, so I’m gonna blog for a sec. Get off my internets if you don’t like this shit.

    Anthony’s spot-on: That’s actually how it feels.

    I actually still have another three weeks at Esquire, which - for the record - was a great gig. Working with Eric Gillin and Matt Sullivan was more fun than I ever could have anticipated. They’re brilliant editors, I feel like I did get better at all of this over my short time here, though my best stuff here was usually their idea (my interview/unintended ”scoop” with Lara Logan, for example). I’m sad to leave this soon.

    But Spiers is someone I told very early on in my career I would follow into war, and the day her new position was announced, I couldn’t get anything done. I was slackjawed. Like a lot of people. And seeing the way people at the Observer have rallied since she arrived is unlike anything I’ve ever seen in a place like that, and I’m not alone.

    The thing that drew me to blogging was the conversational tone, the feeling that you were talking with - and not at - an audience who were no better or worse than you were. It’s typically a wide divide that otherwise turned me off to journalism. The New York Observer has always been intent on having a conversation, no matter how ridiculous it is, and much in the same way NY1 creates one or that Jen, Joe, and I worked really hard to make with Runnin’ Scared, it’s a publication that makes this city feel like a small, character-driven town like any other, and also, the most important, ridiculous place in the universe. It’s more or less my outlook on it. 

    It’s also why I’m not getting back on the media beat; I’m too entrenched in it, and too openly conflicted to do it well. I love media people, truth be told. It’s an easy beat to write because your subjects understand your job and share your passion. I don’t think it’s sustainable unless you’re really great or really removed from it (thankfully, most of the people doing it right now actually are both, or so I believe). Hence, Wall Street. My curiosity for it (massive) is inversely proportional to what I know about it (dick). But it’s ripe for good, fun, storytelling and someone with nothing to lose by fucking it up, without the punditry of someone who doesn’t enjoy the common presence of criminals (there will be no ‘Vampire Squiding’ from me). 

    Anyway. This will either be a terrible fiasco or a terribly awesome fiasco, but either way, I intend on having a lot of fun. 

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