Assorted Honors and Regalia

ChildishI cannot think of anyone worse on such a large-scale platform. Kamer is accurate in one regard; he names himself an “asshole blogger." Tastes like bullshit. Fuck off. Go fuck yourself and your self-inflated sense of contribution you insufferable nincompoop.” - Abe Sauer, Abram Sauer Online
Cynical…myopic. Unnecessary and ultimately self interested."  - Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Natasha VC
Foster Kamer is a pretty great writer, and the Village Voice was likely thrilled to hire him from Gawker a couple of months ago. But in hindsight…” - Jon Bershad, Mediaite
 "The outspoken writer from Village Voice isn’t afraid to share his opinion on any issue, even if it means risking his day-job.” - Cooper Smith, Business Insider
 “‘I don’t like New York guys,’ she said. ‘They’re fucking full of shit. They’re full of shit.’” - Lauren Leto, Author/Tech Entrepreneur
Ultimately self-indulgent…Still just about works…But barely.” - Nick Denton, Publisher, Gawker Media
The great Foster Kamer.” - Dave Holmes, Author, Blogger, VJ