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  • Disclosures.

    I’ve worked full-time for the editorial operations of BlackBook Media, Village Voice Media, Hearst, The New York Observer, and Complex Media. I’ve also worked part-time or on a freelance basis for the editorial operations of Gawker Media, Flavorpill Productions, Radar Magazine, ANIMAL NY, Conde Nast, RollingStone.com, and yes: SheFinds.com. I’ve also worked in Film, TV, and Theater as an assistant to a literary agent at Paradigm and as an assistant producer with Jeffrey Richards Productions. You can and should assume I have friends who have or still work at any of the aforementioned companies. I’ve talked about potential full-time employment with The Wrap, Business Insider, News Corp/The New York Post, and News Corp/The Daily. I’ve got no investments to speak of - except for an Israel Bond my great-grandfather got me for my bar mitzvah, I suppose - and don’t donate to political candidates. If there’s a question of disclosure to my relationship with any person and/or entity I’ve written about, I’ll gladly answer it and annotate it as such in a timely manner. Hit me here.